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Balance + Thrive – Taproot Nutrition
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Balance + Thrive

Finally feel like yourself again!

Balance + Thrive is a 6-week class hosted in weekly self-paced, ONLINE sessions.

+ Nutrition



Balance + Thrive is a true holistic approach that addresses obstacles, relationship to food, sleep, cravings, mindfulness, acceptance, and life balance. Class materials will be distributed weekly, beginning Thursday, March 29. We’ll have weekly Q&A calls on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. Come in your PJs! (Recordings will be available if you can’t make it.)


What’s Different About This Class?

Well, a lot of things, really. But first and foremost, this is not a traditional “nutrition” class. YES, food is important, and YES we’re going to talk all about the whats, whys, and hows to approach nourishing your body with food. But theres’ so much more to it than that

I’ve been putting together powerful protocols for my clients for almost 3 years now. These therapeutic combinations of food, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments have had profound effects. I’ve seen clients who had been written off by doctors–after surgical investigations or extensive medical interventions had either turned up nothing or hadn’t gotten someone truly well–actually recover their health. I’ve had exhausted women find energy again, and those in years of pain become pain free.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. But . . . all my clinical training didn’t fully prepare me for the REAL work, which is addressing not just the WHAT but the HOW. I have lots and lots of tools for figuring out “what’s going on in there.” I have the knowledge it takes to know what interventions will likely speed recovery after I know what’s going on. WHAT is happening; WHAT will help.

But the truth is, WHAT will only get me (and you) so far. I’ve had to learn by experience not just WHAT but HOW. Because in reality, the most wonderful protocol in the world won’t work if it’s beyond someone to implement it . . . or understand their hidden (and not so hidden) obstacles to making real, lasting change.

The truth is, our bodies and lives are dynamic.

We are human. We have cravings, body image complexities, and busy schedules. It can be hard to just throw a protocol on top of all that and expect it to stick.

To thrive + truly heal requires a balanced approach.

A whole-human approach.

That’s why I’m SO excited to be teaching this new class, getting beyond just what you are eating to the context of your whole life, and how feeding yourself fits into that. Partnership and personal growth, not just protocols. Community support.


And if you need protocols, I’ve got you covered there too!

You see, I’ve run other group classes in the past. I super duper adore the community dynamic and support. But lots of times I also knew that the folks in my groups needed a little deeper support. So for this class, in addition to the 6 weekly class sessions, you’ll be able to schedule 2 private chats with me:

  • A 30-minute 1-1 to get an overview of your health history and needs, potential suggested labs, and a plan for your program.
  • Later, we’ll meet for an hour and I’ll talk you through your individualized protocol based on your specific needs.


For this first beta class, I’m offering a steep discount. Future classes will pay at least $657 for the class, community, and 1-1 support.

FOR THIS FIRST CLASS, your investment in yourself is just $457. AND if you bring a friend, I’ll knock an additional $50 off each of your enrollments, for a total of just $407. Simply email me your and your friend’s names and email addresses, and I’ll refund you $50.

Can’t wait to see you soon!